William Tell Parker

William Tell Parker was born on May 16, 1821, in Clermont, Ohio. At that time his father, Daniel Parker, was 39 and his mother, Priscilla Mulloy, was 27. He married Ann Denman on October 10, 1849 in Birmingham, Ohio at the age of 28.

William then married Sarah Maria Aumond on December 25, 1860 in Sandusky, Ohio at the age of 39.

William graduated Eclectic Medical College in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1847. He practiced 2 months in Birmingham, Ohio then went to the California gold fields. He spent 2 years in Marysville, California and then returned to Birmingham. He resided on a farm in Henry County. Went to Tracy City, Tennessee in 1869. Died of heart disease.

William Tell Parker died on October 12, 1876, in Tracy City, Tennessee, at the age of 55.

When William Tell Parker and Ann Denman had two children:

  • Frederick Donaldson Parker, 1850- ?
  • Anna Marinda Parker, 1855-1879
When William Tell Parker and Sarah Maria Aumond had one child:
  • Wihelmina Maria Parker, 1863- ?
William Tell Parker had seven siblings:
  • James Kennedy Parker, 1817-1894
  • Susanna Everts Parker, 1819-1890
  • Charles Coleman Parker, 1823-1906
  • Daniel Mulloy Parker, 1825-1878
  • Mason Doane Parker, 1828-1865
  • Eben Armstrong Parker, 1831-1898
  • Mary Priscilla Parker, 1837-1880

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William Tell Parker whose brother was Charles Coleman Parker.