Daniel Parker

Daniel Parker was born on August 7, 1781, in Newburyport, Massachusetts. At that time his father, William Parker, was 36 and his mother, Mary Warner, was 29. He married Priscilla Mulloy on October 24, 1816, in Campbell, Kentucky.

When Daniel Parker was 7 years old he came with his parents to western Pennsylvania, lived there several years, then moved to southeastern Ohio near Pomeroy and was active in the Halcyon Church. He improved a patented hemp-breaking machine and a washing machine and with his partner, Alvin Bingham, in 1809-10 went down the Mississippi via flatboat to New Orleans. Returned via horse, selling and making his machines in Tennessee and Kentucky from 1810-5. Became a Restorationist minister, traveling through southern Ohio and northern Kentucky. He and his wife were married thru the offices of their mutual friend, James Kennedy. Settled at Mount Hygiene near New Richmond, Ohio in 1816. Mother Parker taught at various schools. In 1839 established Clermont Academy near Mount Hygiene. First principal was their son, James Kennedy Parker. Wrote book on Restorationism in 1844 and an autobiography in 1845. In 1846 he made a trip east and visited the old home in Newburyport.

Daniel Parker died on March 22, 1861, in Clermont, Ohio, at 79.

Daniel Parker and Priscilla Mulloy had eight children:

  • James Kennedy Parker, 1817-1894
  • Susanna Everts Parker, 1819-1890
  • William Tell Parker, 1821-1876
  • Charles Coleman Parker, 1823-1906
  • Daniel Mulloy Parker, 1825-1878
  • Mason Doane Parker, 1828-1865
  • Eben Armstrong Parker, 1831-1898
  • Mary Priscilla Parker, 1837-1880
Daniel Parker had ten siblings:
  • Elizabeth Warner Parker, 1773-1850
  • William Parker, 1775-1855
  • Sally Parker, 1777-1846
  • John Parker, 1779-1849
  • Polly Parker, 1783- ?
  • Nancy Parker, 1785-1861
  • Susanna Parker, 1787-1815
  • Fanny Parker, 1789- ?
  • Ebenezer Parker, 1792-1873
  • Clarissa Parker, 1795-1817

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