Hugh Malloy

Hugh Mulloy was born on December 4, 1751, in Albany, New York. He married Priscilla Thompson on June 25, 1776.

Scotch-Irish. As a boy moved to Maine( Brunswick and Georgetown). Was in Continental Army, private to first lieutenant, from 1776 to 1780. Married Priscilla Thompson while at home on furlough . Fought at Fort Ticonderoga, Saratoga, and Monmouth. Wounded at Monmouth. Resigned in 1780 while on duty at West Point. Personal aquaintance of Washington and Lafayette. Initiated into Free Masonry in Washington's tent (?Valley Forge). After discharge, moved to Monmouth then Litchfield, Maine. In 1817 moved to Williamsburg, Clermont County, Ohio. Was last commissioned officer of Continental Army at time of his death.

Hugh Mulloy died on July 11, 1845, in New Richmond, Ohio, at 93, and was buried in Near Mount Hygiene.

Hugh Mulloy and Priscilla Thompson had nine children:

  • David Mulloy, 1779- ?
  • Abigail Mulloy, 1781- ?
  • John Mulloy, 1783-1802
  • Catherine Mulloy, 1786-1875
  • James Mulloy, 1788- ?
  • Hannah Mulloy, 1790-1837
  • Priscilla Mulloy, 1793-1874
  • Martha Mulloy, 1796-1857
  • Thomas Mulloy, 1798-1863

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Hugh Malloy