Henry William Klemme

Henry William Klemme was born on August 28, 1821, in Germany. His father, John Frederick Klemme, was 29 and his mother, Mary Charlotte (Wellhausen) Klemme, was 23. He married Anna Katharine Gesell on April 12, 1846, in Franklin, Indiana. They had 14 children in 23 years.

Henry William Klemme came to Baltimore in 1837. Traveled by stage to Wheeling, West Virginia and then by boat to Cincinnati, eventually settling in Franklin County, Indiana. Married there in 1846. In 1862 moved his family to Winnesheik County, Iowa on a farm purchased for $1.25 an acre. Did farming and shoemaking. In he 1893 moved his family to Elma.

He died on August 29, 1908, in Iowa, having lived a long life of 87 years, and was buried in Decorah, Iowa.

Henry William Klemme and Anna Katharine Gesell had 14 children:

  • John Philip Klemme, 1847-1938
  • William Henry Klemme, 1849-1943
  • Rosena Klemme, 1850-1852
  • John Charles Klemme, 1852-1947
  • Harmon Johanas Klemme, 1854-1926
  • Anna Katharine Klemme, 1856-1917
  • John J. Klemme, 1857-1925
  • Mary Klemme, 1858-1944
  • Henry Frederick Klemme, 1861-1957
  • Christian Klemme, 1862-1933
  • Jacob William Klemme, 1864-1924
  • Benjamin Frederick Klemme, 1866-1953
  • Joseph Klemme, 1868-1964
  • Stephan A. Klemme, 1870-1947
Henry William Klemme had six siblings:
  • John Henry Christian Frederick Klemme, 1819 - ?
  • Dorothy Christine Rosina Klemme, 1823 - ?
  • Dorothy Sophie Charlotte klemme, 1825-1827
  • John Charles Louis Klemme, 1828-1894
  • John Klemme, 1831-1930
  • Abbie klemme, 1839-1913

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William Henry and Mary Augusta (Bolles) Klemme, Grandfather Henry William and Grandmother Anna Katharine (Gesell) Klemme, James Donaldson, Nellie R, Hugh (2 years old), and Dorothy Parker (2 weeks old). Photo dated April 12, 1896 at Grandfathers house in Elma, Iowa.