George Bolles

George Bolles was born on January 16, 1821, in Pomfret, Connecticut. He married Mary Angeline Powers on March 14, 1850. He then married Trabel in July of 1876.

George Bolles moved with family to Elyria, Ohio in 1837 via roads thru Hartford, Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, Erie, and Cleveland. Worked at various jobs, mostly farming, and went to school. In 1842, at age 21, inherited money from Grandmother Goff's estate, and invested it in a mill where he lost some money. In 1842 he went to Cincinnati via Columbus and Portsmouth. Stayed a few weeks with his Uncle David then took the boat down the Mississippi. Traveled thru Mississippi to Blount Springs, Alabama, where he visited his Uncle George Goff. Spent about a year there and taught school. In 1843 traveled to Port Lavaca, Texas with his uncle via Mobile, New Orleans, and Galveston. Uncle George had some land, which he took care of while George taught school. Uncle Monroe Goff appeared. Uncle George tried to return to Alabama but died in New Orleans. Uncle Monroe sold off what he could and he and George set out for Colorado. After several adventures, George returned to Cincinnati and Uncle David Bolles. Returned home 1845. Studied with a doctor for a short while. Bought store and goods from father and brother Lemuel then sold all this in 1847. Started traveling and practicing medicine. About to take off for California for gold in 1849 but met and married Mary Angeline Powers in 1850. Sold patent medicines for awhile. Resumed practice of medicine in 1855. Moved to Wisconsin 1854 or 1855, then returned to Indiana. Moved to Winneshiek County, Iowa in 1856 via Rockford and Dubuque. Bought and ran a store in Bluffton in 1857. Father moved in with them until his death in 1876. Moved to Decorah 1864. Bought and sold land in various places, very active in Methodist Church. Bought and sold goods. Visited Connecticut and Aunt Ann in 1866. Moved to Ridgeway in 1868. Bought and ran a store. Daughter Augusta taught school and boarded at Klemme's. She married William Henry Klemme in 1870. Edgar moved to California in 1872 (Uncle J. E. Powers had moved there previously). George and wife converted to Adventists in 1872. Much ill will from Methodists. Family of six moved to Marysville, California in 1873 via train. Took trip to Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Chico. Settled in Santa Rosa and did some farming. Homesick so he sold out and returned to Iowa in November, 1874. Built a drugstore. Bad winter. Wife died 1875. Married again in 1876 and had another child 1877. Moved to Flandreau, South Dakota in 1878. Built and ran a store. Much buying and selling of land and moving around South Dakota. Split with his wife and moved in with George Sumner 1899 to 1902, when he wrote his autobiography. Lived with Augusta later on. The Santa Rosa home was visited by Augusta, who said it belonged to Luther Burbank.

George Bolles died in 1902 having lived a long life of 80 years

George Bolles and Mary Angeline Powers had seven children:

  • Mary Augusta Bolles, 1851-1936
  • Edgar Goff Bolles, 1852-1875
  • Cyrus Story Bolles, 1854-1856
  • Clara Bolles, 1857- ?
  • Estella Bolles, 1859-1892
  • George Sumner Bolles, 1860- ?
  • William Emery Bolles, 1865- ?
George Bolles and Trabel had two children:
  • Myrick Nathaniel Bolles, 1877- ?
  • Laura Jane Bolles, 1880- ?
George Bolles had two siblings:
  • John Monroe Bolles
  • Lemuel Bolles

Photographs with
George Bolles

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Nellie, James Donaldson, and Hugh Klemme Parker on the left. George Bolles in the middle. No information on the people to the right.

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Hugh Klemme Parker and Dorothy Lakin Parker with their great grandfather, George Bolles, who was 79 years old at the time.

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William Emery Bolles, Laura Bolles, George Sumner Bolles (Top left to right)
Clara Bolles, Grandpa Bolles, Mary Augusta Bolles (Bottom left to right)