Lena Burckhardt

Lena Burckhardt was born on July 25, 1857, in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time her father, Gustavus A. Burckhardt, was 29 and her mother, Elizabeth Margaret Brenner, was 21. She married Charles Thomas Swift on May 4, 1880. Lena Burckhardt then married John Parks Huntley in 1890.

Lena Burckhardt died on May 18, 1934, in Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 76.

Lena Burckhardt and Charles Thomas Swift had 5 children:

  • Corinne Margaret Swift, 1881-1931
  • Lena Elizabeth Swift, 1883-1942
  • Ruby Jeanette Swift, 1885-1975
  • Maibelle Swift, 1888-1977
  • Charles Thomas Swift Jr., 1890-1931

Photographs with
Lena Burckhardt

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Elizabeth Buchanan and Eugenia Buchanan with their Grandmother, Lena Swift Huntlye. (left to right)

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Lena (Burckhardt) Huntley 76th birthday celebration newspaper clip.